Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BIG's Little Krishna

BIG animation studios has finally completed their flagship project 'Little Krishna' and its ready for broadcast(telecast/webcast/podcast and so on). The 13 episode Action, Adventure animated series will be a milestone in Indian animation.
Read the synopsis here and watch the trailer.

I consider myself lucky to have worked on some of the episodes of 'Little Krishna'. It was great to have worked with some of the most talented artists and animators in the country. I am sure this project will be a blow away success.


Jayadeva said...

Jai Sri Krishna! So you were actually able to work on some of these episodes? They look really, really amazing! Top-notch work. I've been searching all over the internet to find out where we can purchase the complete series on DVD. Is it even available yet? Please let me know, as I know many people who are looking forward to this series.

nSiva said...

I guess the studio is in talks with some of the distributors. Hope the DVDs will hit the shelves very soon.

cap tiger said...

Hi friend, its real cool to watch little krishna. As a graphic designer iam happy to saw such a new kind of animation flow across the series, all the best. please try to bring this series in to market, so that evryone in the country came to know our indian talent on animation too.