Monday, March 23, 2009

Animator on a killing spree !

Warning! Warning! …Look out for this ‘One Man Army’ who has let loose his imagination and is on a killing spree. Not in real life but in an animation movie. Jeff Lew, the lead animator of 'Matrix Reloaded', has finally finished his movie ‘Killer Bean Forever’ and will be releasing it soon in DVDs. He has just released the release date(June 2009).

Jeff Lew has made this movie all by himself, well…. almost. He has spent around four years from concept to completion of this movie. Gutsy!

His yesteryear animated short ‘The Killer Bean’, an action comedy was a blast. It was a series of two episodes…

Episode 1 was made in 1996 and is 2:41 minutes long

Watch Episode 1

Episode 2 was made in 2000, this sequel is 7:21 minutes long

Watch Episode 2 - The Party

Download trailer of ‘Killer Bean Forever’ from HERE

Jeff Lew is currently working on Transformers 2. Surf over to his site for more info.

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