Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy ending for ‘Happy Feet’

Finally, it is ‘Happy Feet’ that has won the Oscars for the best animated feature, winning over Monster House and Cars. Without sounding like a rant of a Pixar fanboy, I would like to say that Cars deserved the award.

There are few things that have made me think so. Firstly, unlike Cars, the other two movies have extensively used motion capture. Ok, that might not weigh them down much. I found Happy feet to be a little monotonous with penguins, penguins and more penguins. What if they sing and dance, it still demanded variety. And the white bg from beginning to end really hurt the eyes. Though it looked ‘cool’ in the beginning, when I came out after the end, the whole world was painted white for some time.

With Monster House, I don’t see any reason why this movie should have been animated. With mostly human characters without any supernatural abilities or that sort, this story does not demand the use of animation. It could have been made as a live action motion picture. Only the house required animation and special effects, which could be mixed with live action.

Cars’ stands out in every aspect. ‘A World inhabited by Cars’- wow that’s a great concept to start with and the animation medium has definitely brought out something to us that is otherwise impossible to conceive wholly. The characters and the environments were simply superb with amazing details. I liked the story and the narration was great. The Pixar animators (actors!) are masters at bringing the emotions out of their characters. Not a single frame in the movie was dragging or boring. Its wholesome entertainment and very well made at that too. I wonder what else does an animated movie need to win the Oscars……a message?! oh no !

Hats off to the makers of all the three movies, but definitely, the Knight with the sword should have gone the Route 66 way.

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