Thursday, June 13, 2013

Admiration for actor T.S.Balaiah

I am in absolute admiration of the histrionics of yesteryear actor T.S.Balaiah. I would like to refer to a couple of scenes from the movie 'Kadhalikka Neramillai' in this post.

This scene is packed with full of terrific acting choices. The subtlety and exaggeration at certain places are absolutely spot on. 

Right from the way he toe walks to take Nagesh to the sides, to the way he has his heels up and exaggerates when he says "Samuthiram da, samuthiram" and the way he turns around when Nagesh leaves are just spectacular! 

The other scene that is more popular in this movie is the one in which Nagesh narrates a story to Balaiah. While Nagesh's excellent acting dominates the whole scene, Balaiah's expressions are  perfectly befitting.

At 56 seconds, the way he uses his fingers to express his nervousness is noteworthy. From 1.23 to 1.33, his eyeballs dart frantically, lifting the whole shot. And then on, the breathlessness he has shown is again absolutely awesome.

Always refreshing to see great acting, which is very rare these days.

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