Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Panda – Pure Awesomeness!

There is no price for awesomeness! That’s what the Panda replies to his awe struck admirers……in his dream . The awesome 2d animated dream sequence at the beginning of the 3d animation movie Kung Fu Panda is in my opinion the best opening for any animation movie I have ever watched. In fact, the movie also had a great opening at the box office!

The starting sequence was a hint of what was to follow. It was hilarious to the hilt. The dialogues, the acting, fight sequences were simply superb. Apart from the voices of Jack Black(Panda), Dustin Hoffman(Shifu) and Ian McShane (Snow Leopard), others didn’t appeal much to me. I have no clue as to what Jackie Chan had to do in this movie. I thought the animators need better recognition than those who lent their voice. The animation of Grand Master Oogway was a certain highlight. The fierce antagonist Tai Lung, the snow leopard, was fantastically portrayed and is now in my list of best animated villains! At last, DreamWorks animation studio has got the pulse of movies that would work for a larger audience. Kung Fu Panda is awesome and attractive; easily the best animation movie of the year. I am saying this after watching Wall-E.
Looking forward to more stuff from Dreamworks animation studio.

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